Winter Retreat


Winter Retreat at Kettunen Center

Next PW Winter Retreat: February 9-12, 2017

Registration deadline has passed, the Winter Retreat is a GO!

The Winter Retreat is a Writers’ Conference and Retreat for Writers and Educators with the option of one graduate semester credit from Aquinas College.  Participants will have time for personal writing, and to share that writing with a small writing group.  Debriefing of the writing experience is then discussed with the whole group.  Retreat participants also get together for dinners and Read-Around.

The 2017 winter retreat at the Kettunen Center in Tustin is Feb. 9-12, with an optional day on Weds., Feb. 8. Instead of having a single “speaker,” Peninsula Writers members will lead workshops about anything writing related.

winter-retreat-brochure-2017 <–download here!

Also, look for the Art A Day project in January.


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