PW Art-a-Day

 For the past three years, Peninsula Writers has offered a month-long Art-A-Day challenge in January.  People commit to doing “art” once every day of the challenge.  Many Peninsula Writers do more than just write.  We have many creative visual and musical artists in our midst, and this Art-A-Day Challenge offers an opportunity to see what other talents our members possess.  It’s also a time to “try things out” that you might not normally do.  So, some keep on writing, while others paint, or weave;  the musicians compose or do scales.  There are scrapbookers and photographers and seamstresses.  Some people have a regular time for the commitment; others just commit to completing a task per day.

We use a dedicated Google Group to have participants check in and hear how others are doing with their commitment.  Some participants attach photos or files of their projects to share the excitement.

This year, we also opened up the Art-A-Day Challenge and the Google Group to people who, although not Peninsula Writers, still wanted the commitment to doing “art” everyday, and their contributions were wonderful!

Near the end of the Art-A-Day January Challenge, we meet at Schuler Books and Music on 28th Street in Grand Rapids for a final “show-and-tell.”  This year, however, despite rescheduling, Mother Nature thwarted us, and we were not able to get together for the finale.  However, the Google Group will remain open for an extra week so that participants can post their projects there.

The first year we offered this to our members, it was just an experiment.  But, the response each year has been so positive, the Art-A-Day Challenge has become a regular part of the Peninsula Writers scheduling.   If you haven’t joined the Art-A-Day Challenge before, please consider doing it next year.  It is a commitment worth making. –Cerise


PEARS — One of Sarah McElrath’s Art-A-Day projects

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