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From Tricia McDonald:

As many of you may already know, I had to say good-bye to my very dear friend Sally on Tuesday due to complications with her cancer. This was unexpected as she had shown no health issues for months. As you can imagine, I am beyond devastated. My little white dog was a part of my everyday life – from when I opened my eyes in the morning and she was staring back at me to when I cuddled my arms around her at night as we fell asleep – she was my constant.  Now grief is my constant.

I chip away at my sadness with memories and PW affords me some of those good thoughts. I have always felt that Sally was an honorary member of PW. She was first introduced at the Khardomah winter retreat in 2004 when Mike brought her in for a quick visit. She looked more like a little piggy than a dog at that time. When I started writing about her in 2007, my writing groups were often the first to hear the stories and helped me shape them into stronger pieces. Many of you were encouraging when I talked about publishing my first Life With Sally book and even bought copies of the books.

Sally touched a lot of people in her lifetime and I thank you for being an important part of these past 12 years of Sally’s life.



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author1Mark Wolfgang writes his Yoopernatural Mysteries/Tales of Life in Deathe series from his safe haven in Mason, in the Lower Peninsula. He’s been a member of PW since 1992, acts as Webmanager and currently serves on the Board of Directors.

web-covers-3Bedderhoff Dead; A Cold Winter’s Deathe; Deathe & Taxes


Karen Dean Benson — Author, Historical and Mainstream Fiction

From Florida With Love, Sunsets and Happy Endings – 2014
From Florida With Love, Sunrise and Stormy Skies – 2016
Devil’s Grace – Renn Arelia’s Story,  2015
Mission Song – Chenoa’s Story, 2016
Mulberry Bend – Aisling’s Story, 2016


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