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This Peninsula Writers website on free WordPress will be going away soon and will not be updated as of this date, now that our official presence has been reestablished at Any web traffic directed to this site will soon see just a message and link sending them to the Peninsula Writers website.

Additionally, we have rights to the .com and .net extensions, so typing those names into your browser ( and will be automatically redirected to Please go there and adjust your bookmarks accordingly, and thank you for your patience. –Mark Wolfgang, PW Webmanager




Peninsula Writers — Who We Are

pw1Peninsula Writers is a nonprofit organization dedicated to, you guessed it, writing!  We are located in Michigan (hence the Peninsula part of our name), and we host several events each year.  Links to information about these conferences can be found on the tabs above.  We also help organize and support small writing groups throughout the state where people can gather to discuss and workshop their writing.  We help connect writers across the state and provide opportunities to be part of a larger writing community as well as to work on the craft of writing.

Peninsula Writers Mission Statement

The mission of Peninsula Writers is to associate for the benefit of all writers seeking to improve their own work and willing to help others improve theirs in a supportive environment that values the writing process, individual discovery and growth.

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Calendar of Events

Summer Retreat at Glen Lake (Writing Camp Heaven): June 16-23, 2018 Visit the Summer Retreat Page (summer 2017 has passed)

Fall Conference October 20-23, 2016Kettunen Center, Tustin (the fall retreat is on hiatus, but for informational purposes only the 2016 brochure is posted on the Fall Retreat page)

Winter Conference
February 8-11, 2018 — Kettunen Center, Tustin See the Winter Retreat page to check out the 2017 brochure

Spring Fling Writing Thing TBA

PW Art-a-Day Challenge every January, with show-and-tell at the end of the month, at Schulers Books & Music, 28th Street, Grand Rapids

Anthology Deadline August 15, 2017. Editor Marcie Woods – PDF download: Anthology guidelines 2016

Membership brochure, and application and scholarship forms, can be found on the ABOUT page

Art-a-Day 2017

The PW ART-A-DAY Show and Tell was today at Schuler Books and Music in Grand Rapids. About 10 people either presented their work or shared the story of what they had done. The award for the longest drive to get to the event went to Karen Hildenbrand, who came all the way from the Detroit area and spoke about what she had learned at the Lansing Red Cedar conference. New member Bryan Lundgren also made an appearance. There were paintings and writings by Rich Travis and Dick Tipton, scrapbook pages from Robyn Ford, another wonderful Kay Tipton quilt, Matt Bliton original songs, and more. Once again, the members of Peninsula Writers showed what a lot of talent is in our group.


January 28, 2017